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As with the black sex-links, offspring from the red sex-link cross lay brown-shelled eggs. Lines of commercial white-shelled egg strains are now being produced that utilize sex-linkage to differentiate the cockerels from the pullets when chicks are one day old. Light Sussex Male crossed with Rhode Island Red Female does not produce sex-linked offspring. Poultry Genetics expert Grant Brereton discusses some common Sex-Linkage questions in his recent blog post that explores Gold and Silver Sex-Linkage further.

In poultry, female individual is heterogametic having only one X-chromosome (XO condition) and male is homogametic having two X-chromosomes (XX). Therefore, inheritance pattern in relation to sex will be reversed in this case. Barred plumage is a popular example of sex linked. Mar 14, 2019 · Poultry Color 101. Before we talk about the various types of sexlinks available, let us talk a little about poultry color genetics. In poultry, the males carry two full genes for color and the females carry the sex-determining gene and one gene for color. This is true in all avians and is the opposite of what we see in mammals (and people).

Sep 01, 2013 · Most of the time if you switch the sexes from what is mentioned, the sex link will not breed through. Different Types of Sex Link Breeding: There are several different types of sex linked chickens, most do not breed true in second generations. These types include red stars, golden comets, red sex links, cinnamon queens, and black stars.4.9/5(9). Sex linkage is the patterns of inheritance and presentation when a gene mutation is present on a sex chromosome (allosome) rather than a non-sex chromosome. They are characteristically different from the autosomal forms of dominance and recessiveness .

Black Sex-Links. Black Sex-Links are bred by crossing females that carry a sex-linked barring trait with males do not carry the sex-linked barring trait. Unlike the Red Sex-Links, there is a more subtle difference between the sexes at hatching. Both are mostly black, but males will have a white spot on the head. Sex-links are crossbred chickens whose color at hatching is differentiated by sex, thus making chick sexing an easier process. Sex-links come in several varieties. As hybrids of laying or dual-purpose breeds infused with extra vigor via heterosis, sex-links can be extremely good egg-layers which often produce 300 eggs a year or more depending on the quality of care and feed.