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Eat your fruit like a good man and i swallow every drop. on them as she stripped russian cutie secondary girls gulp through the piss. 37 Women Answer The note youthful sent Question: Do You Swallow? here’s a link to ‘Swallowing Cum — 37 Women Explain What Drinking Semen Feels Like, incidentally if you are nervous of visiting this. Sep 17, 2018 · Many men are concerned with what their male semen taste is like, most likely because they want to their woman to enjoy oral sex and eating semen. First of all, you women can be assured that that male semen is not fattening, containing only about 12 to 15 calories per ejaculation; the same amount found in gelatin or egg white.

Yes.. a lot of women love to swallow the semen of their partner. Though this is a rare act in eastern countries like India, but it’s mere common in western countries. But these days, major reasons for their interest in swallowing semen in porn. Some girl's enjoy it, some girl's don't. Yes, diet does change the taste but not in the way you think, pineapple jucie and cinnimon in high concentrations make semen sweeter and "easier" to swallow, and there are some asian foods that can make a guy come more.

Jul 17, 2016 · Do Women Like Swallowing? Women Reveal How They Really Feel About Swallowing. I'm trying to understand why it's such a turn on for you to cum in a woman's mouth and do most women say no Author: Askmen Editors. Sep 06, 2018 · Very much so if you mean licking them out after intercourse. It will surprise most the first time you do it because very few straight men would consider doing that. Most women are multi-orgasmic and most men finish too quickly. Slurping up all tha.

So do girls like cum and where do they like the guy to cum? Inside, boobies, face, mouth, stomach? Updates: +1 y. and please say why. Follow. 0 0. I've heard that there's supposed to be something in it that cures depression if girls eat a lot of it, but didn't know if that was true. KimmyB. Guru +1 y. For sex - inside me for blowjobs. Dec 05, 2013 · Ladies, Do you like when a man isn't afraid of his own cum? I had been eating my own cum after masturbating for years so it was only a matter of time before I started doing this. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear of women that like this. I had one woman that didn't and I was disappointed when she didn't let me eat her pussy clean.