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how do you repair latex mask -

Halloween masks are usually made of either latex or vinyl. Both materials are flexible, but over time, they can become brittle and tear. Once a mask has torn, the tear will continue to get worse unless the mask is repaired. You will fix the mask using cheesecloth and industrial-strength contact. On this mask, the problem areas were around the nose and mouth and the crease on the top of the head. I hoped that if I could soften the crease, the mask might resist trying to fold flat which effects the whole face. As you warm up the latex, you can feel it get softer and it Author: Halloween Asylum.

Natural latex molds, when properly cared for and handled, are quite durable. Sometimes they do tear however, and repairs are necessary. If the mold is in otherwise good shape and the damage is not too extensive, repairs can be simple and straightforward. Small tears may need very little work, but. After a night of rebel rousing in your Scary Halloween Mask from Trick or Treat Studios, you are bound to have transferred some of your sweat and skin oils onto the mask. Since latex masks won’t absorb the sweat, like foam latex does, simply take a damp sponge or damp paper towel and wipe the mask out.

Sep 23, 2006 · I have a Michael Myers latex-rubber Halloween mask that gone torn last year. I would like to wear it again this year, but am unsure how to mend it; there is a long rip in the rubber from the corner of the mouth halfway up the right cheek. I paid $40 for it, Status: Open.