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For an explanation of Hebrews 13:4, you are encouraged to read “Is masturbation a sin if I control my thoughts?” But the question we are concerned with is, “Is solo or self-masturbation a sin in marriage?” The answer is that self-masturbation is obviously a sin if it deprives one’s spouse of sexual enjoyment. Feb 12, 2014 · I’ve written about solo masturbation fairly extensively in previous posts, but I haven’t touched on the subject of shared, or mutual masturbation yet. Two weeks ago, in my Going to Bed Naked Survey Results post, Chris Tian asked if I would write about this topic, because it’s been a point of contention between her and her husband. So, in the hopes that it helps some couples, here are my.

Apr 20, 2008 · So, many will carry this further and say that masturbation is a sin if one is fantasizing about somebody they are not married to, while masturbating, or if one is viewing pornography etc. Masturbating while married is not a sin, any more than masturbating while not married is a sin. I could take the easy road and just say, "If in doubt, don't do it." The fact is that many Christian women masturbate and feel horribly guilty about it. I've met women who feel more shame about masturbation than they do about having an adulterous affair. Yet the Bible is silent on the issue of masturbation and says a whole lot about adultery.Author: Dr. Juli Slattery.

When I first introduced our yearlong series on Sexuality & The Church, I polled you for your input and ideas, and the most popular suggestion came from a reader named Lucy who wrote: “With sexuality (and with singleness) could you look at masturbation from a theological perspectiAuthor: Rachel Held Evans. Is Masturbation a Sin? Expert answers to help you navigate bedroom challenges. Louis McBurney. Image: PIOTR MARCHINSKI / SHUTTERSTOCK Q: My husband and I have been married over 12 years. We recently learned in a Bible study class that masturbation is a sin. This is the only way that I Author: Louis Mcburney.

Sep 12, 2019 · The Negative Outcomes of Masturbation for Married People. "For some couples, it's a breach. For others, it's not." What Married Couples Should Know. Given the conflicting opinions and research about masturbation and marriage, it may be that it all comes down to a personal viewpoint. People who masturbate may do so in different amounts. Apr 23, 2013 · Is masturbation in marriage wrong? And several women have told me, “my husband says that masturbation’s not a sin if we’re married and he’s just thinking about me. He tells me I can’t complain.” It is a 4 part series for married couples, single people and 2 others. I am not sure how to link the exact sermon but if you search.