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Jun 15, 2017 · At what point does someone who buys Sylvanian Families regularly, cross over into being an Adult Collector? That's an interesting question. There have always been adult collectors who love Sylvanian Families, as much as children. Many grown-ups spend a lot of time looking for Sylvanian figures and sets that transport. A Sylvanian Families website showcasing my personal collection and providing information for other collectors. Welcome to Jacc's Sylvanian Families A resource for Sylvanian Families collectors. Welcome to my website! I have been collecting Sylvanian Families (and a few other toys!) for over 20 years and they have taken over my home!.

A Sylvanian Families website showcasing my personal collection and providing information for other collectors. Collection Galleries - Sylvanian Collector «Return Home. For existing Collectors Club members, when the time comes to renew your membership, this can no longer be done with us here at the Sylvanian Families Shop, unfortunately. You will need to contact Epoch directly to register for their UK Fan Club. You can call them on 08or email [email protected]

I am an adult collector of Sylvanian Families from Spain. I started my collection in March 2015. It is impossible not to fall in love with these adorable little figurines. In my case I just bumped into them by chance while I was searching the web looking for som e Playmobil stuff. Aug 28, 2019 · It would definitely be nice to see more variety in the figures that come with non-family sets. Personally, I think that those sets would be a good opportunity to include a new family member so that, instead of yet another Freya coming with an accessory or building set, you would get a sibling, grandparent, uncle, aunt, friend etc.

There are many figures which are considered to be hard to find or rare by collectors across the Sylvanian Families ranges around the world. However, what makes a figure rare is often subjective and varies from collector to collector. I have put together a selection of information about figures that I consider to be rare. Boasting an impressive balcony, this house also has a moveable staircase with 8 balustrades. The unique selling point of Beechwood Hall is that it is connectable to the Cosy Cottage – a first-time buyer favourite amongst Sylvanian Families collectors – making this a great property for those looking to grow their Sylvanian Village.5/5(1).