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Adult figure skating is a term used by skating organizations to refer to tests and competitions for amateur ice skaters over 21. The category was originally aimed at skaters who had taken up the sport as adults, but more recently has expanded to include adult skaters performing and competing at an 'elite' level (Adult Masters), many of whom had skated competitively as children or adolescents. Tag Archives: adult figure skating nationals 2008. Lake Placid Trip to AN 2008 14 Apr. ADULT NATIONIALS TRIP 2008Ok.. ok.. so I went on hiatus for awhile thats because I was practicing so hard! Lol I just got back from Adult nationals in Lake Placid- which was surprisingly warm!

Nov 16, 2008 · Susan Alpert and Alex Landsman at the Lake Placid 2008 adult nationals doing the Cha Cha compulsory dance. Susan Alpert and Alex Landsman at the Lake Placid . LAKE PLACID - The last time Lake Placid hosted a major adult skating event, it was the Adult National Championships in April 2008. Over a decade later, the village will host an even more prestigious adult skating event, when the International Adult Figure Skating Competition, also being called the 2019 ISU North American Competition, will take place Oct. 14-19 in the Olympic Center.

She persevered, and after taking a break in 2000 due to health concerns, went on to win several Adult National medals, including the 2008 Adult Nationals in Lake Placid, where she and Gann won first in the Silver Pairs event. After a 10-year break from Adult National competition, both Kan and Gann met their goals for their events. Apr 29, 2009 · US Adult Nationals 2007 Please see for official results. Wednesday, April 29, 2009 See you in Lake Placid, NY 2008! Until Next Time,---J. Posted by Julia at 8:58 AM 4 comments: Thanks to US Figure Skating for supporting Adult Skating! This blog is NOT endorsed by US Figure Skating.

2005 Adult Nationals; 2005 Midwestern Adult Sectionals; 2005 Pacific Coast Sectionals / 2005 Eastern Sectionals; 2004 Dune of Flanders Cup - Dunkerque, France; 2004 Adult Nationals - Lake Placid NY; Adult Sectionals - East Mids Pacific; Pictures and NonQual Results Adult Mids 2004; 2004 North American Adult Invitational - Wyandotte. Lake Placid – The International Skating Institute (ISI) held its long-running Adult Nationals Championships at the Olympic Center for the first time. Over 100 skaters and officials attended and there were 169 events at the championships. The ISI is the governing body for recreational ice skating.Author: Karen Kan, MD.